Kim Pashuh Poorva Dehey animation film on Sri Jayateertha


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Specifications of animation film on Sri Jayateertha – English  (Audioback, English )

Book animation film on Sri Jayateerthi – English
Binding DVD Movie
Language English

Kim Pashuh Poorva Dehey" is world’s first animation film on Sri Jayateertha.

The idea of making a film on Sri Jayateertha was envisioned by Pandit Lakshminarayana Achar. He did the research and built a story.

The primary intention of producing this film is to create awareness on life & teachings of one of the most of prominent saints in Madhwa Sidhdhaantha - Sri Jayateertharu.

The format chosen is the one in which even the children can understand.

Sri Jayateertharu was the one who wrote the magnum opus Sriman Nyaya sudha, a tika, through which he demystified Sri Madhwacharya's Anuvyakhyana Granth