Dharma Sindu


Darma Sindu Has 3 chapters. 1. Samvatsara – Rutu Maasa Paksha tithi etc. are explained in details. In the second chapter the religious duties that are to be performed from the month of chaitra upt the end of phalguna are described. the topics of third chapter are arranged in tow sections. In the first section all samskras starting withgarbhadahana are narrated. in the second section sradda and other connected rituals are explained. 

This way dharmasindhu happnes to  be a guide for the practice of dharma.In respect of the anusahaana of dharamsastra this is a ready reference work. 


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Specifications of Dharma Sindu (HARDback, Sanskrit)

Book Dharma Sindu
Author Vid K T Pandurangi
Binding Hard BAck
Publisher Dvaita Vedanta Studies & Research Foundation
Language Sanskrit

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